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Simulations & Games

One of the things I enjoy most as a scholar is providing real world scenarios for students to apply their knowledge of concepts and theories of international security. Some of these simulations can be implemented on the fly, some of them like my NATO simulation may be the culmination of weeks of preparation. Please feel free to click and look at each of the scenarios. 

Games using Poker Cards

Many of the simulations and games that I conduct use poker cards and chips as a means of assigning social and economic cleavages in societies of interest. Each of these simulations also comes with a hectare-style map so that each identity can  geo-spatially understand their situation and how it may reflect their strategic rational calculus. 

Coup Proofing Sim Coming Soon

War-Games using Data: NATO

Some simulations take time to develop, where students must not only role play, but become accustomed to the rational interests of a specific policymaker or government. In these scenarios it is particularly important that students understand their country's strategic interests by analyzing the data at their disposal. 

Below I provide my NATO simulation. This simulation and war-game took place after 7 weeks of data collection and interpretation by students. Each student received a NATO country and analyzed their relationship with each of the NATO member states, Membership Action Plan states, and CSTO member states. 

After collecting data on militarized interstate disputes, credible national capabilities, and territorial claims, students simulated four meetings of the North Atlantic Council. One of these meetings simulated the entry of North Macedonia into NATO. Another meeting simulated the entry of Ukraine and Bosnia-Herzegovina into the Membership Action Plan. The last two meetings simulated a hypothetical militarized interstate dispute between Latvia and the Russian Federation. 

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